Lockout Tagout (LOTO) safety procedures are an essential part of maintenance operations in most industrial settings. However, disconnects may be located some distance from where work is being done, or it may be necessary to lock out multiple individual disconnects. This can lead to long delays and lost productivity.

SafeBox allows safe, reliable lockout of up to fifty electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic circuits from one or more remote locations, enhancing both productivity and safety. While traditional lockout procedures often must be performed by licensed electricians, with Safebox any authorised personnel can perform lockouts. Safebox also provides an additional layer of safety, since it actively monitors the equipment for zero energy during lockout.

How It Works

The SafeBox system consists of one or more Master Control Devices that workers use to control up to 50 Field Isolation Devices (FIDs). Each FID performs the function of an individual lockout device and all are controlled simultaneously by the Master Control Device – locking and tagging a single device safely and effectively locks out all of the FIDs from a single location.
The Master Control Device receives feedback from all of the FIDs and validates that there is zero energy present at all FIDs before allowing lock-out.



Versatile and comprehensive, SafeBox applies to all electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic lockout scenarios. SafeBox serves diverse industries including manufacturing, chemical, mining, oil and gas, and more. Adopt universal safety and compliance in all operations with SafeBox.


SafeBox Customers

Safety Standards

SafeBox is the Gold Standard in LOTO automation

For use in applications up to SIL 3 and Performance Level e (Ple)
CAT IV (4) Safety rating
Common Industry Protocols (CIP) Safety Control Reliable
NEMA 4X enclosure rating
Product has received ESA & CSA Approval, and acceptance by multiple regulatory bodies

Safety first

SafeBox incorporates technology that abides by all national and international safety standards. The entire SafeBox ecosystem utilises engineered and safety-rated components to ensure workers’ safety comes first.
SafeBox was designed to comply with international safety standards. SafeBox units use safety-rated components to ensure workers’ safety comes first.