Field Isolation Device

Innovative energy isolation device that provides the safest, most efficient approach to energy isolation.

  • The Field Isolation Device, or FID, is controlled remotely by the Master.
  • Safely isolates energy loads.
  • FIDs provide dual, redundant safety-rated disconnects.
  • Safety-rated components throughout.
  • Monitored by safety test-pulse and N/O-N/C contacts.
  • Zero-energy verification
  • Bright LED lights indicate the state of the SafeBox system at a distance.
  • Available in low and medium voltage for electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic applications:
    • Low Voltage (up to 1,000v), 100A, 300A or 600A
    • Medium Voltage (up to 6,900v), 400A or 800A
    • Pneumatic, with vent to atmosphere to achieve zero-energy
    • Hydraulic
    • Custom applications as needed
  • Up to 50 FIDs can be controlled by a single Master, in any combination of Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, Pneumatic and Hydraulic!
  • Installed in-line and downstream of existing energy isolation devices – ensuring a simple plug-and-play installation process.
  • Continuous monitoring of energy states and system vitals.

      Mechanical Isolation

      The device’s energy isolation elements are in series to ensure that if one of the elements fails, the isolation can still occur. These elements are controlled by the self-monitoring embedded safety logic. This logic provides continuous communication, which guarantees ideal operating performance and real-time fault detection and system vitals. As a SIL3/Ple compliant solution, the system operates on a fail-safe protocol. Our hydraulic and pneumatic FID are engineered to purpose using safety-rated parts and sensors to ensure effective isolation.

      Easy to Install

      Every unit in your SafeBox system is configured, connected and tested before it leaves our manufacturing facility, ensuring that your installation is as simple and straightforward as possible.
      SafeBox can be installed during a shutdown using standard industrial skill sets, or SafeBox can provide a trained installation contractor to complete your installation.