Master Control Device

The Master Control Device is the physical lockout station for all Field Isolation Devices (FIDs). Simplify LOTO operation with the SafeBox Master – the user-friendly interface to the SafeBox system. Your workers only need to interact with the Master, which seamlessly manages up to 50 Field Isolation Devices (FIDs) for efficient, effortless lock-out operations.


  • Energization and Isolation are initiated by pressing heavy-duty physical buttons.
  • Energization and Isolation sequence and timing are automated for consistent, fast lockouts.
  • Provides detailed safety information, including status of each FID.
  • Allows lockout only once every FID has confirmed a zero-energy state.
  • Safety-rated components throughout.
  • Touch-screen interface provides comprehensive status feedback.
  • Records a full history of LOTO operations.
  • Optional access control via PIN or Password login.
  • Physical LockBar for familiar use of padlocks.
  • Captured LockBar can not be raised to the ‘lockout’ position until all remote systems are verified disconnected and at zero energy.
  • Bright LED lights indicate the state of the SafeBox system at a distance.


Once the FID(s) complete the mechanical isolation and confirm a zero-energy state in the entire system, the LockBar mechanism is released in order for the user to apply their padlock to the device, fulfilling the lockout procedure.
The SafeBox LockBar/padlock procedure is equivalent to applying padlocks to traditional isolation points, but from a single location, reducing downtime and increasing worker safety.

Enhanced Integration

SafeBox Masters offer Customer Integration Contacts as well as Permissive Inputs. Together, these allow any SafeBox Master to communicate the Isolation, Energization and Fault status to a facility’s control network for monitoring by SCADA or similar systems, and for control systems to authorise or prohibit SafeBox actions.

User-centric Interface

The touch screen interface provides comprehensive feedback on system status and lock-out activities, providing real-time monitoring of energy status.


The touch screen display provides up-to-the second information on your SafeBox System. The plant operator can easily identify whether a system is ENERGIZED or ISOLATED.


Provides all Master Controls information and all FID information, such as isolation point location, energy state, and other technical data. It even allows a quick test of the LED lights for any FID.


Provides a time stamped report on any system faults.


Provides real time access to the operational usage of SafeBox through time stamped logs of every tag change. This indicates when the system has been isolated, energized, when faults occurred and other details.


Displays SafeBox continuous monitoring system that checks all system components for maintenance.