SafeBox Field Isolation Device.

Innovative power isolation device that provides an effective and safer way to manage energy at individual isolation points.

Field Isolation Devices (FIDs) are installed in-line and downstream of existing energy isolation devices – ensuring a simple plug-and-play installation process. Our integrated safety logic ensures optimal performance of mechanical componentry and provides continuous monitoring of energy states and system vitals. FIDs can accommodate electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.


Mechanical Isolation

The device’s energy isolation elements are in series to ensure that if one of the elements fails, the isolation can still occur. These elements are controlled by the self-monitoring embedded safety logic. This logic provides continuous communication, which guarantees ideal operating performance and real-time fault detection and system vitals. As a Sil3/Ple compliant solution, the system operates on a fail-safe protocol. Our hydraulic and pneumatic systems have built-in double block and bleed mechanisms, paired with safety sensors, to ensure effective isolation.

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Ease of Install

We understand that installing technology into existing capital assets can be time-consuming and complex. 

Our engineers have designed SafeBox for simple installation. The whole SafeBox system installation process is plugin and play, you can install this system during your site shutdowns.

Enhanced Integration

As the technology OEM, we want to ensure seamless integration with your current site services.

All information on SafeBox can be delivered in real-time to your analytical tools and control room. Our FIDs can also incorporate existing safety protocols, which we can integrate into your SCADA/DSC or additional sensors. This ensures SafeBox 100% maintains your existing LOTO procedure while making it safer than before.