What is SafeBox?

The SafeBox is a two-part LOTO system consisting of a Master Control Device and a Field Isolation Device (FID).

Master Control Device

The Master Control Device is the physical lockout station for all Field Isolation Devices (FIDs).

  • User-centric, single-point control device that monitors and manages SafeBox FIDs.
  • Ensures FIDs validate a zero-energy state
  • Continuous monitoring system that provides real-time information on system status such as energy monitoring and tracking of maintenance activities.
  • Locking bar mechanism is engaged when a zero-energy state is achieved, ensuring that there is no live energy moving through the equipment.

Field Isolation Device (FID)

Innovative power isolation device that provides an effective and safer approach to control energy.

  • Easily installed at energy isolation points and connected to a single Master Control Device via CIP Safety.
  • Integrated safety logic ensures compliancy with CSA standards.
  • Safely performs mechanical isolation of hazardous energy.

Safely isolate and power back up in seconds... all from a single point lockout device.