SafeBox Master Control Device.

User-centric, single-point control device that enables the monitoring and managing of SafeBox Field Isolation Devices (FID).

The Master Control Device manages the LOTO process from a single point. It also serves as a continuous monitoring system by providing real-time information on system status such as energy monitoring and tracking of lockout activities.

Instead of locking out every isolation point manually, you apply a single padlock to the master device’s locking bar.


Locking Bar/Padlock

Once the FID(s) complete the mechanical isolation and confirm a zero-energy state in the entire system; the locking bar mechanism is released in order for the user to apply their padlock to the device, thus fulfilling the lockout procedure.

The SafeBox locking bar/padlock procedure is equivalent to applying padlocks to traditional isolation points but from a single point – reducing downtime and eliminating human error.

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User-centric Interface

The touch screen interface provides comprehensive feedback on system status and lockout activities – providing real-time monitoring of energy status.


The touch screen display provides up-to-the second information on your SafeBox System.


Provides all FID information, such as isolation point location, energy state, and each FID serial.


Provides a time stamped report on any system faults with troubleshooting guides.


Provides up real time access to the operational usage of SafeBox.


Displays SafeBox continuous monitoring system that checks all system components.

Safety first

SafeBox incorporates technology that abides by all national and international safety standards. The entire SafeBox ecosystem utilizes engineered and safety-rated components to ensure workers' safety comes first.