SafeBox Advantage

  • SafeBox is a safety-rated, single-point lockout system that mechanically isolates electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic sources of energy.
  • SafeBox prevents inadequate machine lockout.
  • SafeBox is the only system that increases workplace safety during maintenance activities, while providing additional operational benefits.
  • Our Crushing Plant line needs to be shut down daily for inspection and cleaning. There are 14 lockout points throughout the plant - which would take four people 1.5 hours to lockout/tagout, and 1 hour to unlock for a total LOTO time of 2.5 hours. Now that we use SafeBox, it’s 30 seconds.
    – Gold Mining Client
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Safety built into the design

We’ve designed this system with proven technology.

SafeBox is engineered with reliability, redundancy, and useability in mind! Every component was designed for SafeBox and manufactured to strict specifications. The design of SafeBox is compliant with national and international standards.

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Real-time Monitoring

Each component is designed to ensure a failsafe operating environment.

With continuous fault, energy and vital monitoring, users have access to real-time information and system statistics. With our smart technology, SafeBox creates alerts of real-time event. These can be shared with the maintenance team, operations room, and the organization.


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A step-change in safety

Moves the LOTO process up the ladder of hazard control.

Utilizing a single point lockout process nearly eliminates all human error. No longer lock out the wrong energy source or forget a lockout isolation point. Eliminate the need to manually check for the flow of hazardous energy. Safety just became safer.


Frequently Asked Questions

SafeBox is designed to comply and meet the safety standard of PL-e and SIL-3 compliant solutions.


  • ISO 13849-1/2 & 12100 (Safety of Machinery - General Design Principles & Control Systems Design)
  • IEC 62061 & 60204 (Safety of Machinery for Electronics & Design of Electrical Equipment)
  • CSA Z432-16 & 460-13 (Safeguarding of Machinery & Control of Hazardous Energy)

See Why SafeBox is Safe (PDF)

SafeBox immediately increases your production availability and decreases your operating costs. Our system provides a generous ROI in under 1 year and is easily installed during your scheduled shutdown.

The applications of SafeBox vary across many industries. We have opportunities that require a single FID and Master pairing, and other projects need multiple FIDs and Master Units. SafeBox is ideally used for lengthy, time-consuming, complex lockouts.

If your company encountered a LOTO-related incident or wants to eliminate arc-flash and shock exposures to your workers, we encourage you to give us a call!

It removes the labour portion of going to every isolation point, mechanically isolating the energy from the device and monitoring for any potential or energy in the system.

SafeBox accommodates electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic energy sources.

SafeBox Benefits